"Rolfing has been an empowering and life changing experience for me. I was originally referred to Suzanne for my debilitating headaches and my whiplash injury from years ago. I no longer have pain and I have regained my full range of motion in my neck. I have grown an inch, my stretch, my strength, and my flexibility have significantly improved in my ballet practice. I have also dropped a dress size due to my newly reproportioned body."

- Jeannie Dougherty
Ballet Dancer


Suzanne Lucas, Licensed Acupuncturist & Certified Rolfer

Suzanne grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana, where she attended Indiana University, Purdue University at Indianapolis. Always athletic, Suzanne swam competitively, hiked and rode horseback, activities she continues to enjoy today. As a child she dreamed of a career in medicine or healing and was continually fascinated by the workings of the body. In 1977, Suzanne began studying yoga and this practice deeply influenced her view of the connection between body and spirit.

In 1980 she was introduced to Rolfing at a demonstration that ultimately changed her direction in life. Very impressed with the immediately visible changes the client underwent, Suzanne decided to experience Rolfing herself. 

After several sessions, she began to notice structural improvements in her own body.  Her yoga practice was greatly enhanced and the profound changes that took place were not only on a physical level but extended into her emotional and spiritual life as well.  Dr. Ida Rolf, creator of the Rolfing process, suggested that a change in the body also had reverberations throughout one’s entire being and this was Suzanne’s experience. It was the depth of this experience that solidified her interest in becoming a Rolfer.

Later, her 10-year old son, Jason, who suffered from attention deficit disorder, was Rolfed and his personality changes were so dramatic that Suzanne determined to make Rolfing her career.

In 1986, after raising her son, she enrolled in the Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado. She completed her Rolfing education in 1988, and moved to Phoenix, Arizona where she currently practices.

In 1996 Suzanne began studying acupuncture and found that it was another very effective tool to add to her work. She was licensed as an acupuncturist in the State of Arizona in 2001 and today practices both forms of healing.




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